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Agustí Gómez Passolas (1922-2017)

Agustí Gómez Passolas has been a man of exceptional qualities and virtues. Apprenteller of profession, businessman, social entrepreneur. He was a father, and grandfather, of a large family.

At the beginning of the decade of the 80s, he flattered a fixed idea: "Do something so that people who retire and use themselves do not lose the hope of continuing to live intensely, using their dots Of creativity, of learning and of realization ".

After a stage of information and reflection Agustí put into practice his idea. He managed to convince another 10 people of the goodness of creating a non-profit association. Statutes were prepared and all of them were established as Founders of Conex. On June 8, 1984, the Founding Act of the Knowledge and Experience Fund was signed.

Agustí had the spirit that had to impregnate the project to improve the quality of life of many elderly people. Conex integrated this feeling of collective work into three of its main objectives: To provide those who need knowledge and accumulated experiences at the service. Give in exchange for nothing, altruistically. Encourage everyone who has an active life project to make it happen.

The Association started the activities in small spaces assigned free of charge by non-profit organizations. He continued on an apartment that was rented on Aragó Street in Barcelona. Conex grew rapidly. In a few years, it achieved the number of more than 3,000 members, between collaborators and users, an unusual complexity for an entity exclusively managed by volunteers. Under an efficient and highly efficient organizational structure, multiple activities were developed: the classrooms, with various trainings and thousands of students, were the most visible and numerous activity, but there was also a theater group and a choir; Trips and cultural visits were realized and even every year a literary prize was granted.

The Conex of the late twentieth century was a scenario of opportunities, which led to the development of many ideas. Some of these ideas were captured in three significant Social Projects: Babysitter Friend, Emprex and Shared Homes. Today, all three Programs are still active.

The Kangur Amic Project was born to provide timely support to members of the Association who were experiencing difficulties due to lack of health, loneliness. It is currently composed of a large team of volunteers. His commitment has extended to elderly people outside of Conex.

In 1993, the International Year of the Big People and Solidarity between generations, the European Union called for an innovative ideas contest. Conex presented the Emprex project. This Project, which was already being developed at the Entity, was awarded with one of the two prizes awarded in Spain. The Emprex program offers volunteers from the Association to train, in various fields, unemployed people in order to facilitate their access to the workplace.

In the elderly group of our society there is a significant amount of people who have real difficulties in accessing or conserving a home, permanent and in good conditions, where to live with dignity. Agustí Gómez Passolas wanted to help solve this difficulty. In order to find solutions to this problem, a research group led by Agustí was created in Conex. From this group of entrepreneurial citizens, the concept of Shared Home emerged.

The idea is very simple and, at the same time, very innovative: A non-profit organization lands homes. Later he gives each of the apartments to 3 or 4 elderly, pensioners, to live with them in such a way that it is their permanent residence, their Home.

On November 25, 2003 the Deed of Constitution of the Private Foundation Connection was signed. Under the responsibility of a Board of Trustees, chaired by Agustí, the Project Llars Shared was put into motion immediately. In 2011, the Foundation adapted the Statutes and changed its name. That same year, the Program, exclusively run by volunteers, had 33 beneficiaries living in 9 shared households.

Agustí Gómez Passolas was the first President of Conex. In 2004 he resigned to the Presidency without leaving since then, at no time, the rudder of the Association. He presided over the Foundation until the end of his life. Throughout his years of leadership, despite his taste for discreet work, Agustí won the admiration, recognition and respect of many citizens.

The Public Administration rewarded the work of Conex with several grants, which facilitated the continuity and expansion of the activities and projects of the Entity. The Department of Social Welfare of the Generalitat de Catalunya, through the Catalan Institute of Volunteering, awarded, in 1989 and 1995, two major spaces in Barcelona for the realization of the Conex and Emprex programs. The Diputació de Barcelona maintained, for several years, an agreement with Conex in order that Agustí impartes training in several municipalities of Catalonia to promote the creation of Casals de voluntariat.

The year in which Agustí left us his Social and Cultural Work continues on. His mastery continues to drive the original spirit.
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