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Albert Perrin

Three friends and a story in each door
Businessman of the IT services sector
Three friends and a story in each port
(December 2018)

Enric Mercadè, a 17-year-old nanny, in a youth ramp, has embarked on a cargo ship, which is traveling around several countries around the world.

In this adventure, his friends are on board: the chef, Chinese, in Huan-Yue, and the waiter of the official dining room, in Frank, of German origin.

The particular experiences of the three, the entanglements in which they are found, as well as the adventures and mistakes that they share in the different ports where they are docked, make up this distracted and entertaining story.

Albert Perrín, with this work, is an example of an active person. This is the goal of Conex, and of Ediconex in particular.

In this entertaining novel he relates, who knows, experiences, dreams, memories ... a whole world in a positive way that, without a doubt, will make us feel the beats of the human soul when he lives in peace, freedom and hope.

The experience and the example of Albert Perrin as a writer is a good hope for older people who have so much to say.

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