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Antoni Jaquemot Ballarin

Springs uncertain
Social graduate and student of the Iberian language
Uncertain springs
(march 2020)
This book contains three short novels by the author that have in common a study of the behavior of youth from different social classes at different times in their lives.
  • In La Maestra he describes the youthful disco atmosphere, where young students and young workers from Baix Llobregat confront each other.
  • In The Cat, the Fox and the Bunny, the author takes us into the student environment of Prat de Llobregat in which each protagonist lives in a different social class.
  • In La Simanya, a cave in a town in the interior of Catalonia, a young man receives his first sexual experiences. Erotic "vintage" story set at that time.

Three stories that make us take the sentimental borbollons of adolescence and, perhaps, remember and identify with those uncertain springs.
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