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Ediconex is a support service for desktop publishing
people over 50, of Catalonia and the Balearic Islands.
The fact of being a nonprofit service does not prevent the author from collaborating minimally in the
technical expenses necessary in the production process of the book as well as in the printing.

A service where the author feels accompanied throughout the process of publishing his book.
Where the book is the exclusive property of the author. Where small runs can be made.

The email of Ediconex is:

Ediconex wants to support the talent of the authors, maintaining minimum standards
of quality For this reason, Ediconex reserves the right to admit or reject manuscripts for its own
publication under its publishing label. We want the name of Ediconex to be synonymous with quality.

Ediconex offers you free of charge
* Evaluation of the text.
* Ortho typographic and style correction.
* Advice on the legal requirements to publish a book: ISBN, Bar Code,
  Legal Deposit, Intellectual Property Registry

* Advice for the conversion of the book to electronic book.
* Preparation of the personal web of the book in the Ediconex website where the author can
  place the links and videos referring to his work ..
* Promotion of the author and the book in the Conex newsletters.
* Promotion of the author and the book on social networks: Ediconex's Facebook profile, Twiter,
  instagram, etc.
* Availability of the Conex Room Travessera for the presentation of the book.
* Participation in the Sant Jordi Festival in Conex.

How does Ediconex work?
1st Not to publish with Ediconex:
- The author sends his work in Word format to the following mail:
- Ediconex's reading and correction department evaluates the work. ·

2nd step:
- If it is not considered fit, it will be returned to the author.
- If it is considered fit, it is sent to Ediconex's design and layout department,
  which will undertake the following technical actions:

or Interview with the author to specify the specifications of the book: size, cover, etc.
o If the author does not provide it, Ediconex will offer several cover designs according to theirs
o The author must provide: a brief resume, text on the back cover and the photo he wants
   that appears on the back cover.
or Ediconex advises the author to obtain the ISBN and barcode number.
or Ediconex will provide the Legal Deposit number of the National Library of Catalonia.
or Layout of the text.
or Ediconex makes the final PDF ready for editing.

3rd Step:

- Transfer to the author of the PDF to be delivered to your printing company.

End of Ediconex editorial support service


1.- If the author asks, Ediconex can manage the edition of the book on paper with the
Imprint what the author wants or, failing that, what Ediconex considers.

In this case:
- Meeting of the author with production of Ediconex to make specific:
- Characteristics of the book:
- Quality tapas
- Guards with flaps or not
- Quality paper
- Interior color or grayscale
- Quantity of copies
- Any other point of interest.

- First steps with printing on the characteristics of the publication i
  the calculation of the thickness of the back.
- The printing company makes the most adjusted budget possible.
- For transactions with the printing press, Ediconex will add 15%.
- Approval or not of the budget by the author.

2.- If accepted, Ediconex will manage the production of the book:
- Edition control ensuring that the printing company meets the characteristics of the book:
  Loin, covers, flap guards or not, paper quality, color interior or grayscale,
  quantity of copies.
- Remittance to the author of the proofs of the press.
- Modification of the text according to the author's verification.
- Management of the final approval of the text: signature of the author's consent.

3.- The printing company will send the copies contracted to the address of the author.
The book is the exclusive property of the author.
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