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What is Ediconex?

Ediconex is a support service for desktop publishing
people over 50, of Catalonia and the Balearic Islands.
Ediconex volunteers attend and accompany the writer throughout the entire process
posting your book

The author can connect with a voluntary of Ediconex whenever he needs it.

The email of Ediconex is:

Ediconex wants to support talent, maintaining minimum standards of quality.
That is why we do not edit all the works that are received. The Editorial Board carefully filters
the jobs sent in order to ensure that everything we publish under the name of Ediconex
is synonymous with quality.

Each book published has its website to publicize the book and what
he can contact the author. Additionally, on this Ediconex website
You can place the links and videos proposed by the author about your work.

Free editorial managements:
- Evaluation of the text.
- Ortho-typographic and style correction.
- Advice on the legal requirements to edit a book:

a) Obligatory:
- Bar code
- Legal Deposit

b) Volunteer:
- Intellectual Property Registry
- Making bookmarks.
- Advice for the conversion of the book in paper to electronic book.
- Preparation of the personal web of the book in the Ediconex website.
- Promotion of the author and the book in the Conex newsletters.
- Promotion of the author and the book on social networks: Ediconex's Facebook profile.
- Availability of the Conex Travessera Room for the presentation of the book.
- Participation in the Sant Jordi Festival in Conex.
- Participation in the "Espai de Lletres Conex", organized by the Creative Writing Workshop.
- Promotion of the author and the book in the Blog of the Creative Writing Workshop, of Conex:
- The book is the exclusive property of the author.

Procedures to be paid :
- Interior design and layout of the work.
- Cover design, considering the contributions of the author.
- Digital printing of the book.
- Special prices for the second and subsequent editions.

How does Ediconex work?
The first step to publish with Ediconex:
Send your work in Word format to the following email:
The Ediconex review and correction department evaluates the work.

a) If it is considered fit:
- The number of final pages in book format is specified.
- Together with the author, the specifications of the book are specified: size, color interior
or grayscale, quantity of copies (possibility of small runs), or any
other important data
- Elaboration of the budget of the first edition as fit as possible.
In the second and subsequent editions, the budget is significantly lower.
- Approval or not of the budget by the author.
- In case the author accepts the budget, the design department of Ediconex sends to the
printing press:
The pdf document with the text duly labeled.
Cover design, back cover and back.
Technical specifications agreed with the author.
- The Ediconex Design Department will send the proof of printing to the author.
- The author will verify the text of the test and will correct it, if applicable, and will give its consent
end of text
- The printing company sends the copies contracted to the address of the author.
- The book is the exclusive property of the author.

b) Case that a work is not considered fit.
- Ediconex offers the author:
Literary advice to analyze the weak points and the strengths of the text.
Collaboration in the process of timely improvement.
- Conex has a Creative Writing Workshop
I (introduction to writing) and II (Introduction to Narrative).
- Since Ediconex we have done everything we can to enable the author to fulfill his dream.


- Creative Writing Workshop, from Conex
I.- Introduction to writing. Prof. Esther Figuera Cosialls.
II.- Introduction to Narrative. Prof. Josep Lluís Benet Vidal.

- Workshop Blog:

- Space of Conex
Contact to EDICONEX
What can you do?
We need volunteers who can devote a few hours a week to work in the administrative operation of the association or have any material or knowledge to teach.
Find the activity you like the list of courses and search the nearest center where they do.
We need people with a special sensitivity that want to share their time with the elderly and in need of support.