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Emili Gimenez Coll

From chimpanzees to bonobos
From chimpanzees to bonobos
(maig 2021)
From Chimpanzees to Bonobos, is a popular science book that makes us reflect on human behaviors, especially those related to instincts, that is, those that come to us by inheritance. To do this, describe the behaviors of the anthropomorphic apes (chimpanzees, bonobos, gorillas, and orangutans) who are our closest relatives. Based on them, he establishes a series of comparisons between the behaviors of these animals and those of humans, delving into all the areas of behavior that we humans of the 21st century have. In this journey, behaviors that have a cultural origin also appear, and the numerous influences that exist between inherited traits and those that are learned. Reading these pages will help us understand, a little more, our animal part that we often forget.
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