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J. Lluís Benet Vidal

When from lord to we said Milord
When Mr de Milord told us
(april 2017)

Why, at the present time, 21st century, Gibraltar is from the English?
Why did the British ruled Menorca most of the eighteenth century?
I have asked these questions to many people from Menorca and the Peninsula.
Except for the specialized historians, the rest of the people have not been able to give me an answer.
We have often heard that history is written by the winners. This endangers its veracity.
That is why we can ask ourselves, does the story that has come to us, conforms to the truth of the facts historians have investigated and taken to light? What happened in Menorca in the eighteenth century? What were the reasons? How do those reasons still affect us in our lives, in contemporary society, in the 21st century?
We will discover all of this by the hand of Diego Alzina, the youngest son of the master of aixa of Port Mahon, creator of the Casa de l'Alzina. A niche that will survive the difficulties of time protected by the shadow guard of the Son Ausina holm oak, near Ciutadella.
Diego is a Menorcan who will reach the highest levels of political influence, both in England and Russia, but that, in Menorca, he can not avoid becoming a victim of intolerance.
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