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Jaume Gala

Inside my galaxy
Inside my Galaxy
I. At the mercy of the winds
II. Footprints towards the sea
III. Ears of Orpheus
IV. Avalanche of looks
(January 2016)

Nat in Barcelona (Esquerra de l'Eixample, 1945).

He is a lecturer in Catalan and EGB, a graduate in Catalan philology (UB) and a postgraduate degree in communication.
He did the doctorate courses in Romance philology (UB) and 2 cinematography courses
(School of Artistic Studies, directed by Ricard Salvat).

He has written twenty poetic compilations, including these:
At the mercy of the winds (1987), Rumbs uncertain (tankas, 1991), Footprints towards the sea (1992),
Flores marcidas (2000), Ressons d'Orfeu (2003), Flores del bien (2004), Perles de Venus (2005),
Atlantic Echoes (2006), Verse the summit (2013), Esclats menuts (haikus, 2014) and Allau de mirades (2015).

He has published a compilation in publishing house: Apogeu ... perigeu (1978), has poems published inside
the Monograph casteller world (Rafael Dalmau, editor; 2 volumes, 1980) and has participated in
Another collective book, under the pseudonym Jaume d'Urgell.
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