Source of knowledge
and experience

Joaquim Porcar Alarcón

Poems of a bunch of life
(April 2018)

Poets have the ability to compose poems at any time on any topic. The author of this small collection of poems, has absolutely no capacity, is not a poet for use. Their poems make reference to significant facts of their life, that could be explained by means of a few linked words, that at the same time encompassed feelings. Or maybe he just wrote them to revive memories in each new reading. Possibly both visions are compatible. To readers, allow me a recommendation, indeed necessary for reading any book of poems. Read them one by one, not immediately afterwards, an easy temptation in this case since there are few poems.

By reading them one by one, slowly, slowly, maybe, just maybe, you can have the feeling that the author is speaking to you, in the ear, of life.
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