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Josep Lluís Benet Vidal

The unusual case of Dimitri and Nicolette
The Unusual case of Dmitri and Nicolette
(March 2018)

He is currently the director of the Creative Writing Workshop of Conex

The Unusual case of Dmitri and Nicolette, is the story of the unusual reunion of love. Dmitri, a Russian artist born in Moscow, will make us live with his youth in Russia. Nicolette, a French born in Baiona, will make us live with her youth in France. In the seventies, Dmitri and Nicolette will coincide in Paris, where they will soon fall in love. Love does not understand cultures or distances. They spend their young love for Paris and New York, but the fate in the form of Soviet secret services crushes all love projects. Now, after Perestroika, when Dmitri is an old university professor and grandfather of two grandchildren, he has the opportunity to meet Nicolette again, who lives in New York. Is it unusual to resume a love in full maturity? Will this love be possible when women and men have seen them in all colors, when the maturity guesses are questioned by the doubts that they had lived the life they had imagined youngsters?

The Unusual case of Dmitri and Nicolette takes us into Russia after the "thaw", in Paris immediately after the May 68 revolution and in the New York Jazz fusion. At the time, we are deep into the psychology of characters that live intensely with a time of change, a time that is already ours.
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