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Josep Lluis Vidal Benet

The stolen child of the Casa de la Encina
(January 2016)

He is currently the director of the Creative Writing Workshop, of Conex and
Professor of Contemporary Russian Literature at the "University Classrooms
of the Elderly "of the University of Barcelona.
His generational novel, "Dreams in Manhattan", was an extraordinary success.
The description of the feelings and ideals of a generation moved
deeply to the readers.

Synopsis of the book

María Mesquida, is an architect from Minorcan origin, specialized in Cambridge in the recovery of sumptuous buildings.
He has lived twenty-five years in London, where he has set up a company together with his engineer husband.

From that company, he designed the Rehabilitation Project of the Glastonbury Abbey in Somerset County (Wales, England). Harta of the criminal pressures that her husband submits to him, involved in the corrupt business of the Canterbury Plot, divorces not only him but England. He revives his life in Menorca, his native island,

The Canterbury Plot is a contubernio of politicians and builders. Try to locate and destroy valuable parchments, in order to build a luxurious urbanization in the sacred grounds of Glastonbury, violating the law and the history of the Abbey. The corrupt ones do not hesitate to destroy who opposes their project. The most dangerous element of the plot is the owner of the multinational Birth Group, John Ferguson, a sinister character arrived in London from the low funds of Singapore.

In Menorca, María retakes the old friendship with her protector, the old Magdalena de La Encina, the last descendant of a damn saga of the island, from the English domination in the eighteenth century. In the 40s, he could not prevent his husband from exonerating Ireland from his only daughter, pregnant outside the marriage. In Dublin the young woman will die in dark circumstances leaving a son, who was stolen. When the European war ended, Magdalena struggles to find his grandson, the heir of La Casa de la Encina. Now, in the last days of its existence, the old Magdalen resigns to the disappearance of the House. A dark society, the Benedic hereditate tuae, claims its property.

The architect María Mesquida, behind the back of the old Magdalena, investigates the traces of the stolen child in various archives. At the same time, he faces in London the Canterbury Plot.

With the help of journalist Harrington, you will meet someone crucial in your research.

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