Source of knowledge
and experience

Josep M. Margalef i Llop

Va neixer a Mora la Nova (Tarragona) el 22 de novembre de 1933.
(April 2017)

I want to share with the sensitive reader sparks of my feelings throughout a lifetime.
I have always believed that poetry should be shared with generosity and with a certain pretension: to improve our world.

These poems are the reflection of my experiences, of feelings on the skin, that the circumstances lived over the years have sprouted from the depths of my being.

My poem "Poetry" sums it up perfectly:

Full is my poetry heart,
and the veins lead you continuously,
until that beautiful day arrives
in which the eyes reflect it, without looking.

These forty five poems are in Spanish, in homage to the great poets: Antonio Machado,
Federico García Lorca, Miguel Hernández ...

The other seven poems are in Catalan, in recognition of our beloved Catalan Language.
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