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On 14 February 2017 at 17:00
Place: CONEX Travessera.
Travessera de les Corts, 39-43, 2nd
Expert: Joan Torio
Have you ever found that Excel will not solve a particular problem?
... That end. Programming, you can do it!

That is nothing more than the creation of a structured set of procedures
to teach a machine to do certain things.
Believe me !, if you teach well, the machine will do better than us and infinitely faster.

To make a program, follow these steps:

a) Define what you want to do well,
b) analyze in depth the environment where we work,
c) Find out all situations, unwanted, to provide for the renewal,
d) Structuring the program several blocks
e) testing and debugging.

and this is also an incredibly fun workout reasoning.

If you hear love to solve puzzles, sudoku, hieroglyphics, issues Bridge, Chess,
Wooden puzzles, attention problems or observation, or simply using Excel
to organize a part of your life, this is the workshop for you is size.

(Attention women: frequently underestimate us. Within the requirements to program
have, in general, more qualities than men).

We propose an introduction to three weeks in the world to introduce you Scrath
in the subject and move on to the Basic Excel.
The workshop because we call to step on your ideas.

Confirm by telephone C / eo personally your attendance.
Phone: 93 333 77 59
C / e:
Personally: Travessera de les Corts, 39-43, 2nd. Barcelona
What can you do?
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