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NEX and MUTUAM GROUP renew the agreement for quality aging
From CONEX with the aim of innovating, we strongly support our students,
volunteers and their relatives, in 1st degree of inbreeding, new services.
In this case, because you have access to healthy aging, we put at your fingertips two
unique services You already have the "Social Orientation Service" to solve situations of
Dependence, with the help of social workers who will listen to you, will guide you and seek
the best solution: apartments for the elderly, home help services, care, hygiene
staff, accompaniment, cleaning of the home and clothing, etc., the search for a residential plaza
temporary or fixed, apartments with services in Barcelona, ​​among others.

On the other hand, you can also check and access, with a preferential treatment, to the Leisure Service
i Lleure "Conex Viatger" , designed for seniors eager to expand horizons and eat the
world with a high quality, tailored and personalized offer: outings, excursions,
cultural mornings, weekend trips and international circuits.

We want to provide a plus of services to our students and volunteers who dedicate their work to us
Time, with unique services in Catalonia, where you will provide the help you need to solve
Family and personal situations of fragility that may arise with age

What can you do?
We need volunteers who can devote a few hours a week to work in the administrative operation of the association or have any material or knowledge to teach.
Find the activity you like the list of courses and search the nearest center where they do.
We need people with a special sensitivity that want to share their time with the elderly and in need of support.