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Joaquim Porcar Alarcón

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L’avi que mai va ser pare
Born in Barcelona in 1947
has held various positions in a Catalan bank.
Frequent contributor to magazines and literary circles with his first novel introduces us
in a world of hope in the goodness of people.


Marta and Marcel have completed medical school and are ready to start his life
work. Will in Barcelona, ​​where they were born and want to live. The Eudald is a renowned surgeon
and Professor of the Faculty of Medicine. The Marta offers her a place in medical equipment.
This is great news for her. A recognition of his efforts as a student and
excellent perspective of a future career. But Jeremy, your partner feels
somewhat marginalized, yet undervalued. Marcel, a demonstration of generosity while
try to regain their self-esteem, the decision to collaborate with NGOs
Uganda, which focuses on the care of children with malnutrition. This decision,
shared with Martha, will lead to a series of unexpected events that significantly affect
the main protagonists. The Eudald is a key element in the life of two young people.
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