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Marià Guim

My memories of India
Agricultural Technical Engineer
My memories of India
(April 2019)

Marià Guim
was born in 1951 in Guissona, a village in the region of La Segarra in a rural family.
He studied Agricultural Technical Engineer in Barcelona. His life has been dedicated to helping and accompany the agricultural development of several African countries.

In this publication, Marià Guim shares with us his experiences, his emotions. With a profusion of photos, he takes us to the different countries where he lived and helped. He makes us live his African life among simple women and men from Chad, Ethiopia, Burkina Faso, Togo, Benin, Eritrea, Cape Verde, and Equatorial Guinea. Human beings that only aspire to be happy and that they were, a little more happy, with the collaboration of "blanc", d'en Marià.

A book is very documented graphically in what we will find as it is the daily life of those people, the food and the crops; houses and customs; children and schools; the problem of water and the construction of wells ... A testimonial at first hand of a person who is not an adventurous and superficial traveler but a cooperator for years of commitment to Africa
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