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Neus Rubinat Tarragona

Robatori Minimum
Labor relations and social activist
Robatori Minimum
(april 2020)
The story begins when Polo and his three friends, aged eighteen, want to take a trip to Thailand. They have no money and they start to hatch a crazy plan to get them.

Throughout the story, explained by Pol, with an innocent and sensitive voice, we learn about dirty business plots, scams, personal miseries and experiences that play the chorus. We will discover almost normal or totally different boys. Dissonance of ability and interests with respect to people of the same age, they say.

This novel tries to be a personal contribution of a reality that exists in some families, one more of witnesses already written. Through a penetrating feeling, it is intended to capture, in an almost real way, the problem from an intimate and fictitious point of view.

The idea is to be together with the loneliness of many people who struggle to get ahead in a normal world that does not take into account differences, that does not take into account that there are people who are neither handicapped nor normal, but rather have an IQ about 33%, its stratification: borderline intelligence.

The author has a way of doing it that wants to be transgressive.
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