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Margarita Soler
... Interview with a volunteer
Margarita Soler
Continuing with the volunteer and volunteer interviews in the "GENT CONEX" space, we interview Margarita Soler, a person who has collaborated for years with Conex and who currently teaches English and cooking classes.

Good morning Margarita, how did you know about Conex and why?
- It was through a friend of mine. I went to try an English class, I liked it and I stayed.

As a collaborator or as a student?
- As a student, I had the need to learn English and I was also curious about cooking.

That is, that you entered Conex to learn and now you work as a teacher of English and cuisine.
-It's like this! I met Conex about 20 or 23 years ago when the entity had its headquarters in Aragón. I started receiving English classes as a student and, after a while, the teacher became ill. As I was one of the most advanced students in the class at that time, they offered me to teach English lessons and so far I continue to teach.

Tell us about your professional life, Margarita.
- I worked in the pharmaceutical sector, in the computer department. But that's a long time ago!

So far we have talked about the subject of English but, how did the kitchen arise?
- I would say that almost in the same way as with English: first, I started as a student, and then I launched with the Kitchen Workshop as a teacher.

What mechanics do you follow in class: who carries food, who cooks? How do you do it?
- I buy food on the market and I bring it to the workshop and, once there, we prepare and cook. Almost always do two kinds of recipes: one salty and one sweet. Then the food is distributed proportionally among students in some carmanyoles. The cost of buying food is the same.

Margarita, we finished the interview. It has been very nice to see such a happy and active person as you and for so many years that it has collaborated as a volunteer in Conex. I congratulate you and I hope that the message you have just sent sends people to not stay at home.
- And I would also add that if you do not know what to do, come to Conex and try as I did. Because there are many different courses, workshops and activities that you can choose.

Thank you Margarita
What can you do?
We need volunteers who can devote a few hours a week to work in the administrative operation of the association or have any material or knowledge to teach.
Find the activity you like the list of courses and search the nearest center where they do.
We need people with a special sensitivity that want to share their time with the elderly and in need of support.