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... Interview with a volunteer
Bonaventura Roure
Today he has come to tell us about his experiences Bonaventura Roure that has been with Conex for many years and has different facets in this organization: he is a marquetry teacher, he is a volunteer of "Canguro amigo" and member of the board Conex.

Welcome to Bonaventura, what do you think if you talk to us about some of your professional career before starting talking about Conex?
   -I started working as a mechanic, then I developed industrial design and drawing, I projected, studied my expertise and then went to industrial engineering, and at the same time I worked on anything that could come out.
   From then on I stopped working in industrial engineering and I entered the field of computer science. I went to IBM, I was 25 years working and giving advice to many companies from different sectors and then I devoted myself to occupational risk prevention until the day I finished, until I retired.

How did you know about Conex and how did you decide to enter?
   -Be, in the beginning the spirit you gave and they gave you. You received, but you also gave. I went to marquetry classes and from there I met other people within Conex. I met Mr. Antonio, who loved us a lot. I met who was my marquetry teacher, a very skilled and very self-taught, self-taught and self-taught man. And one day he began to say that he did not dare commit to come every week and see if any other person took over.
   Then he proposed it to me and I proposed them to colleagues in the marquetry group if they wanted me and they accepted me as a marquetry teacher. They told me yes, that we would move forward and so far.

You started as a student, later you became a teacher. You entered marquetry classes because you already came from your profession of engineer, are you already practical in these things, or was it a novelty that you wanted to start?
   -I have always liked crafts and I've been doing the best I've ever had at that moment and it has been easier for me.

You are currently a teacher. How many years of marquetry teacher doors?
   -Classes should do 4 or 5 years well.

Why do not you tell us how you're doing a marquetry class? How are your classes?
   -It is difficult. The "beautiful arts" to say something ... the art, even if it is bad, must have a certain projection and desire to do it. If they want that, they will come to our house.

How do you normally class structures?
   -It's really easy. There are some basic principles of knowledge about marquetry and wood. The basis of marquetry is the wood that can give you many satisfactions, but at the same time you can also give yourself a lot of headaches, and this we see with great wooden works, altarpieces, or palaces ..., we see that there are things sensational and others you think "Mother of God." So the first thing to do is know the wood and have some predisposition to drawing.

As a member of the board, what is your task? And what would you highlight about this aspect?
   -I do not know, it's so little. Because I consider that if a board is ever to contribute an idea, criticism or support to any initiative, but in general the board is a team task and if that does not exist, a board serves no purpose.

Now I would like you to talk about your other facet in "Kangaroo friend." How did you know "Kangaroo friend"? How did you start How many people have you tracked?
   -(I started) when it seemed to me that I was mentally prepared and thought I had time to do it in a continuous way. If you focus on this it is because you can really do it because it is worth more than you do not dedicate yourself to. I joined Manuel Garcia, who was the one who was in that season "Canguro amigo" of Conex and asked him "what was", "how was it" and "what it consisted of". He told me that he liked me and, from the summer, he was looking for someone. He looked for a person for me after the summer and I met a person who was 103 years old. I knew 7 or 8 languages, one of them was indisputably Latin and the other Greek because he had been a professor of philosophy and director of a school. We did a lot of friendship, I was with him until he died at 105. It was two and a half years and it was really charming and very fruitful for me.

Bonaventura, thank you very much for the time you spent telling us your experiences here in Conex and I hope you can interview again and you tell me many more things, especially "Kangaroo friend."

   -Thank you so much.

Thank you.
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