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... Interview with a volunteer
Agnés Fuster
Continuing the interviews with volunteers in the "GENT CONEX" space, we interview today
AGNÈS FUSTER, a person who has collaborated for years with Conex and who, at present,

First of all, we want to know you, what are you doing and what have you done in the world of dance?
Well, I have been in different companies dancing from a very small age and I also do technical training
As a personal trainer and I compete as a professional ...

What are you doing and, in particular, here at Conex, what types of dances do you teach to your students?
Well, especially ballroom dancing, Latin, tango, and initiation and online dance ...

What do you think are the benefits that you bring to dance for people over 50?
I think that even if it is not dance, any type of sport, pilates, personal maintenance
or gymnastics, in general, it works very well for the joints and elasticity of the body.

Is it a problem not having a dancing partner to attend your classes?
No, to come to my classes is not a problem because we always adapt to the time
to associate ourselves according to different dance styles ...

I would like to see one of your classes!
Well let's see her ...
What can you do?
We need volunteers who can devote a few hours a week to work in the administrative operation of the association or have any material or knowledge to teach.
Find the activity you like the list of courses and search the nearest center where they do.
We need people with a special sensitivity that want to share their time with the elderly and in need of support.