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... Interview with a volunteer
Joan Torio
Following interviews with volunteers within the space "PEOPLE CONEX" today interviewed a very beloved part of our organization.

Joan Good morning! Thanks for giving us a few minutes of your time. For starters you could tell us what was your career before you start your volunteer work?
Attended high school and I did the career of Industrial Engineering at the same time I devote myself intensively to a Scout group. My career in various companies until I joined Olivetti, to the 58 years that I retired early due to the circumstances of those years.

Why did you volunteer?
When you listen, you do volunteer life! And though I'm no longer in the group, this group is listening for a lifetime.

Conex was created in 1984, when and how did you know?
Through my wife and her friend, her mother Conex collaborated with leading cultural and entertainment topics.

How was your first collaboration and noted Conex in your career?
I came and I offered to teach mathematics, physics or computer science. Finally, I was asked to me by the Service.

What motivated you to teach Bridge and Sudoku? What do you think providing your students?
These classes are fun, really, and I really enjoy them. The contribution of Sudoku, as we do, that is a mental exercise is very important, relatively intense and very significant for the elderly.
The Bridge is the best card game and there are conditions required attention, memory, learning and at the same time, collaboration with the company that is played in pairs. Patience because you also need to understand the couple. Develops all the good qualities of the person and, of course, is an extraordinary mental exercise for the elderly.
The same Bill Gates recommends seniors Bridge to play!

Which would you recommend people who join Conex either as students, instructors administrative or technical staff?
Anyone can come here. Simply having two characteristics: first, judgment and experience to take something and, on the other hand, will want to provide a service.

You are a man and analytical observer, because you believe that volunteers dedicate a portion of our free time to train, inform, entertain etc. others without asking anything in return?
We are talking about people who retired or pensioned obviously are increasingly well both physically and mentally because they have improved living conditions. Therefore, once you retire or you retire early, we are in full power at home and you see nothing and you have the feeling of giving or offering something to others.
The crisis has also shown a part of society precariousness of the other part. Then, the crisis has affected a lot of people in this sensitive situations better off being part of this offer to others who are in worse situations. I think it is a social phenomenon, sociological.

A Conex there are three distinct areas: users, partners and associates. You represent all. Which of these stages you feel more satisfied?
All of them! I've done every step I feel satisfied. As a user class Catalan was extraordinary, I learned a lot and an excellent teacher. As a contributor so I had a great time and I sweated a lot of ink, weekends and long hours alone. Then I was also a stage as president and now as a teacher. Of the three steps I take good memories and satisfaction.

I hope that continues for many years enjoying and making Conex we can enjoy your company. Thanks John.
Thanks to you. It was a pleasure.
What can you do?
We need volunteers who can devote a few hours a week to work in the administrative operation of the association or have any material or knowledge to teach.
Find the activity you like the list of courses and search the nearest center where they do.
We need people with a special sensitivity that want to share their time with the elderly and in need of support.