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Pere Suñé Ribera

Dèries de lletraferit
Poet and musician
Dèries de lletraferit
(october 2019)
It is going to start with me, that journey of writing. Possiblement gràcies al fet de viure molts anys a un indret Andalús on had no electricity, no TV, no distractions and, above all, al meu benvolgut pare, great eclectic reader, of whom vaig to carry suitcases and more suitcases full to transport novel·les of science-fiction, of those that em vaig fer compulsiu devourer, like him.

They have anat passant els anys, writing to writing, day by day, apprehension, polint and rescatant mots de l'oblit, and follow the petja d'una poetry that definesix unes arrels, a way of fer and feel that, more think, that ens identifies as a poble.
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