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Silvia Cabistany

Secretary of direction
No strength to surrender
(October 2021)
Yesterday they called her madam, she was young and almost happy. Since then, it seems to him that a thousand years have passed and only a few memories remain from that time, miraculously preserved. A woman's dignity has always come at a very high price, but especially so in the Spain of the 1940s, when maintaining it often represented, by force, breaking the rules. The protagonist will change the good meals, served by the girl, for a potato omelette, without eggs, cooked by herself. You will stop buying seasonal clothes in the best stores in Barcelona, you will turn the collars and cuffs of old suits over and over again. It will end the weekly visits to the hairdresser. He will lose even the last peseta of an important patrimony, to buy the priceless one. In exchange, she will discover the inestimable value of the love of someone close to her, and she will form a paradigm of friendship with people who will accompany her throughout her life.
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