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Toni Mallea

Contemplation essay
Poet and writer
Essay of Contemplation
(April 2019)
Toni Mallea (1966), poet and writer. So far he has published nine poetic works and in the world of narrative he has published two story books and has collaborated in different national newspapers and magazines, writing in the field of alternative medicines, opinion articles, and the dissemination of new technologies.

His poetic and literary production stands out for an overwhelming, intimate and introspective inventiveness, deliberately aesthetically and perceptively moaned with sensitivity.

Essay of contemplation is a poem where the author shows us the ability to perceive everything that surrounds us, as much as we can perceive in a conscious way, as everything that is captured by invisible perceptions. The contemplation of the Universe and everything that makes it up and the perception of light particles themselves, atoms, people, the wind, the sky, etc. We walk for existence with the ability to take the best of each world. The thought and the memory unfold to catch everything, to learn of the existence and all the creation. Let's stay embedded in the great cosmic scenario, where we are all leading actors and at the same time secondary, watching the light, shaking the voice, disguised as a fray or you know what ...
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