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Toni Mallea

Disenchanted book
Poet and writer
Book of disenchants
(April 2019)
Toni Mallea (1966), poet and writer. He has published eight poetic works and in the world of narrative he has published two story books and has collaborated in different national publications, writing articles in the field of alternative medicines, the world of opinion and the Outreach, and new technologies and role-playing games.
His poetic production is characterized by introspective and yet aesthetic creativity, moored with sensitivity.

Book of disillusioners , it is a poetic work where the author seeks unpublished answers to questions that have always caused humanity. Who we are, what we do in this world, the cause of suffering, pain and all those experiences and perceptions that generate disillusion. It is possible to be considered that Libro de desencants is an experimental poemario, divided in three chapters where the author looks for new ways to express concepts, sometimes of an excessive emotional complexity. The first chapter is made up of conceptual poems, structured in specific but serial verses. The second chapter consists of independent micro-poems that want to create a credible story. The last chapter is a long poem made up of twenty-five poems where the author dedicates himself to finding out about temporary concepts and existence, and the neglect that arises from the mystery of predicting the experiences of a future tomorrow.
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