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Txaro García

Margarita María is here
He was born in the Basque Country and lives in Barcelona since 1973
Margarita María is here
(December 2017)

Txaro García.
He spent his childhood and adolescence in Vitoria during the post-war period
where, in spite of everything, the magisterium studies could culminate. Already in Catalonia,
He directed Impuls magazine for seven years. He has always been fond of literature,
He graduated in several writing workshops. In 2012, he was awarded the Prize
Literary "Pati Llimona" by the story "Doubts, questions and García Márquez".
In 2013, he published a compilation of stories with the title 'The Gray Tree'. In addition
of "Between vineyards" and "On the part of the dead Rose" (unpublished), the work "Margarita María is here"
It is his third foray into the genre of the novel.

Synopsis of the book

At that age in which life seems to have to grant us some decades of placidity
and calm, Margarita Maria awaits many ups and downs to pass through.
In the company of her friends Luisa Aurelia, she faces the most unexpected alterations
Within the great adventure that sustains the whole novel: alzheimer, rebellion, shipwrecks ...
The unending force of that unlimited friendship involves all the decisions that are made
They dare to take in order to try a bit of happiness to the aggravated Luisa and,
as a reflection, to themselves.
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