Source of knowledge
and experience

Our values

Seniors and active
Some of the values ​​that we believe in our work are:

Experience: some practical things that people have acquired throughout life and now at the service of others.

Respect: deference to the elderly and the young head, as EMPREX Program because they are the future.

Solidarity: relationship of brotherhood and mutual support; and we want to help those who need it now, and what the volunteers Kangaroo Friend.

The illusion we communicate enthusiasm and provide incentives to all those who have come to this stage of life to help them make the most profit possible.

The effort: we believe in personal effort to help the project move forward and show us what we are capable.

Culture: as cultivation of knowledge people have achieved through study, experience, etc.

Altruism: how to conduct search for the interest of others.

Volunteering: Nobody forces. We decide the activities that we carry out to improve the quality of life of the elderly.

Sharing: Receive, or to possess with Common.
What can you do?
We need volunteers who can devote a few hours a week to work in the administrative operation of the association or have any material or knowledge to teach.
Find the activity you like the list of courses and search the nearest center where they do.
We need people with a special sensitivity that want to share their time with the elderly and in need of support.