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January 2019
Exit of the Course of the world of the vine and the wine
Expert Jordi Sánchez
In the hands of Jordi Sànchez, professor of the course, he sent to visit the cellar of Quin Fargas,
on the outskirts of Manresa. Quim told us about the secrets of the Denomination of Origin
Pla de Bages, the region with the largest wine production before phylloxera.

We learned how to cultivate and care for the vineyard to obtain a quality wine, from grafting
Indigenous varieties in the "American foot", until you know how to spit the vineyard and leave
the donkeysmore important, etc., etc. For more than two hours in What showed us the modern
process. The elaboration of the wine as well as the old tubs, the tables on which the grapes that
reached it were being paved with cars, barrels ...

The exit ended with a visit to the most Ribatallada, Jordi Sanchez's and the rural house
Paquita Gelabert, where Ribatallada Cava is produced, which has often been watered by
the Conex festivities ...
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